About us

Mongolica Travel is the only wildlife-specialized tour operator in Mongolia, which committed to reaching sustainability.

Please download our sustainability policy.

      In the summer of 2005, we launched Mongolica Co.Ltd with the vision of developing authentic products and services for bird and wildlife watching adventures, environmental consultancy, and publishing in a responsible and sustainable manner. Our efforts in sustainability as an organization reflect our commitment to the idea that our children and grand-children will have a wonderful natural environment to explore throughout their lives. Our team comprises some of the most experienced experts in the field.
      We aim to give great satisfaction to our clients and staff through our inspiring products and services whilst ensuring that the Mongolian nomadic lifestyle which balances human and wildlife co-existence is maintained in its undisturbed state.
      What will not change is our passion for making sure you get behind the scenes to experience the real world in an authentic and sustainable manner. Preserving cultural heritage and conserving the natural environment, whilst improving the lives of people, is the essence of our way of collaborating with you and is integrated into every decision and action we take at Mongolica Co.Ltd.

Actions & Directions:

  • Mongolica Travel (Bird & wildlife tours & expeditions)
  • Mongolica Consultancy ( Environmental assessment; Special interest tourism; Wildlife research & conservation)
  • Mongolica Publishing (Mongolia Nature Guides and other publications)

Vision: Respecting nature... Creating wealth.../Байгалиа хүндэтгэж баялгийг бүтээе


As a national and global services organization, we have committed our resources to developing products and services that address the needs of our clients and values integrity, diversity, innovation, and excellence.

Guiding Principles:

  • Pioneering new products and inspiring actions in our field
  • Respecting clients and conserving nomadic lifestyle and wildlife
  • Valuing everyone working with us
  • Acting ethically, responsibly and sustainably
  • Producing excellent products, services and ideas that offer the greatest value and benefit to the customer 

Our Philosophy

  • The development of Responsible and Sustainable Bird and Wildlife Watching and Photographing Tours and Expeditions in Mongolia with our customers is the key point of our philosophy. 
  • Our philosophy of products and services is to offer the high standard bird and wildlife watching and photographing tours with client –respected friendly crew and guides, reasonable price, and enjoyable and unforgettable experiences for our customers in our country.
  • Our philosophy of travel is to respect the nature and everyone in the country particularly the local people who make Mongolia one of the special places in the World. We ensure that our travel has a minimum impact on wildlife, nature and environment, and local nomadic lifestyle.
  • Our philosophy of responsible tourism is to support the nature and bird research, conservation and education initiatives, projects and all services of a local community and NGO in the areas that we visit.



Mr. D. Bayanmunkh (Bayanaa)

Bayanaa was born and grew up in a family of nomadic herder in Western Mongolia. As a nomadic boy, he used to help his parents herd livestock in beautiful natural habitats including mountain steppes, high mountains, rivers and lakes over four seasons of the year. These wonderful natural habitats and the wildlife, including Pallas’s Cat, Siberian Ibex and Argali Sheep, made him very enthusiastic about wildlife and nature. His passion for conservation biology led him to enroll ecology department at National University of Mongolia in 2009. When he was a student, following his professors from the university, he took part in lots of research expeditions. Since 2012, he has been guiding Mongolica Travel birding and wildlife tours and trips across Mongolia. Now he is doing his masters on the subject of bird survey at Salkhit Wind Farm. As a field biologist, he took part in lots of research expeditions on bird taxonomy, raptors’ migrations, ecology of Pallas’s fish eagle, counts of Wild Bactrian Camel, and electrocution on high power lines etc… As soon as he has free time, he likes to grab his binoculars and go to some where the birds are.

“My guide Bayanmunkh was very knowledgeable about nature and culture and spoke excellent English. He was able to find and show me many of the birds on my wish-list”.    - Mikko Pyhälä, author of Birds of Islamabad: status and seasonality 


Mr. Ch. Uuganbayar (Uugan)

Uugan is one of Mongolia’s most experienced birders and bird tour leaders. He has a strong scientific background with degree in zoology and conservation biology. He led many successful ornithological expeditions throughout Mongolia in the framework of Mongolian Ornithological Society and Mongolica Travel and is a very eager to share his knowledge with our clients and always encourage others. Uugan is interested in studying climate changes and grazing impacts on wetland birds in Mongolia and he has published several guides and other articles on conservation and biodiversity. His bachelor and master’s thesis were written on the diet composition of Saker falcons in Central Mongolia. Since 2002, Uugan has been mentoring students in conversation biology, ecology, and study methodology at the Biology Department of Mongolian State University of Agriculture.


Mr. P. Amartuvshin (Amaraa)

Amaraa was born and raised in Eastern Mongolia. He wrote his master’s thesis on impacts of power lines on bird mortality in 2010. Following his supervisor, he took part in many ornithological expeditions and also birding and wildlife tours, which has taught him core principles of bird identification and conservation studies. Now he is one of our experienced expert guides of birding and wildlife tours. He was working as Associate director of Mongolian ornithological society for few years and involved in Mongolica Travel while it was established. His passion for birds took him to all parts of Mongolia and to some destinations in the world. His knowledge and skill in identifying birds attracts everyone to work and travel with him.



Mrs. E. Unurjargal (Unuruu)

Unuruu graduated from Alameda High School in Alameda, California in 2006, and started her university education at California State University with a major in Molecular and Cellular Biology. He background is sustainable tourism development. She participates in bird watching tours; helps organize conferences and workshops, including the Mongolian Regional Red List of Birds in 2009 and 6th International Conference on Asian Raptors in 2010. Unuruu hopes to use her knowledge and experience from eco-tourism major to develop bird watching and filming tours in Mongolia. She has been a guide for the birding trips since 2010.


Mr. D. Usukhjargal (Usukhuu)

Usukhuu is a one of our best expert guides in the field. Now he is doing his doctorate on Evolutionary biology of Przewalski’s Wildhorse Equus przewalskii in National University of Mongolia. He is a senior biologist at Hustai national park. He is really keen to share his knowledge with anybody who is interested. Since 2006, he has been working for Mongolian Ornithological Society and Mongolica travel.


Mr. P. Davaasuren (Davaa)

Davaa is one of our youngest guides. Now he is studying conservation biology at National University of Mongolia. He is very enthusiastic about wildlife and nature. Since 2014, he has attached his binoculars and has been going out for birding almost every weekend. He is very helpful to everyone.


Dr. S. Gombobaatar (Gomboo)

He is one of the advisors of the travel. He shares all his knowledge and images for research and conservation activities of the company. His busy duty at the University and Society, he leads birding and wildlife tours and expeditions for VIP guests and clients. Gomboo was born and grew up in Onon and Balj river valley in the east where lived in the area with avian rich diversity. The place is known to Chinggis Khaan birth place. He started to identify bird species during his childhood for only “play” with them. His dad’s binoculars were a best tool for his childhood. Since he graduated from University, he has been working on bird research and conservation in Mongolia. He is one of the best mentors and educators of new generations of ornithologists in the country. Now days, most professional bird guides and bird researchers in Mongolia were mentored and supervised by him. His variety publications show his experience and knowledge on birds in Mongolia. He is working on few bird guide publication recent years contracting with Bloomsbury and A&C Black Helm Guide and other domestic companies.  In order to complete his publications, he leads our tours for special guests and clients depending on his tight schedule. He owns one of the largest bird image databases for Mongolian birds. Gomboo is really keen to share his knowledge to everybody. For many years, he is working with world class birders and bird researchers including Lars Svensson, Hadoram Shirihai, Dick Forsman, Rishad Naoroji, Prof. Reuven Yosef, and Prof. Scott Edwards etc…

“…and I can describe Gomboo as an isolated case in all Asia, in term of field ornithologist, and indeed, I could not even dream to find such a best co-operator and field partner, which was the vital in the successes of the expedition”.   - H. Shirihai, co-author of the Photographic Handbook of the Birds of the World, Bloomsbury Publishing.






Ms. B. Yumjirmaa (Yumi)

Yumi was born in Bulgan province. She is very hardworking and helpful. In the field, he cooks and manages the camping equipment and chooses the best camp sites etc… but in the office, we sorts out all the problems regarding logistics. She has finished her bachelor in conservation biology at National university of Mongolia. Now she is working for Mongolica travel as a logistics manager.

Yumi, our camp manager, proved to be a terrific cook and produced wonders from the back of the vehicle. One of us has a restrictive diet and she followed it carefully, indeed we were both fit and well throughout the trip.”   -R. & B Mearns


Ms. M. Bayasgalantselmeg (Tselmeg)

Tselmeg was born in Arkhangai province where she grew up near wildlife and wild nature. Since her childhood, she dreamed of having a rehabilitation center for rare animals, which led her enroll Department of Ecology and Conservation at National University of Mongolia. She has been a member Mongolian Ornithological Society since 2013.

In 2015, she earned her master’s degree under the subject of Breeding success and behavior study of Amur Falcon (Falco amurensis) in Khustai Nuruu NP, Mongolia. Since she was a student, she has been taking part in lots of researches and wildlife tours and expeditions including Pallas’s fish eagle study, and behavioral study of Amur falcon. She has been a perfect logistics manager for Mongolica travel since 2013.




Mr. Tumurbaatar (Tumuruu)

Tumuruu is one of Mongolica’s best drivers. He has been driving for our tours and expeditions since 2010. Upon this, he was an army driver, so he can drive well in difficult road conditions including rocky, muddy, dusty, and bumpy. Not only good at driving, he is also able to fix the car in the field.


Mr. Batnyamsuren (Bataa)

Bataa has been our trustful driver for more 10 years. He has earned appreciation with his careful driving from all of the clients. He has been all corners of Mongolian territory driving different types of cars including Russian jeep, Russian military van, Mitsubishi delica, and Land cruiser etc… He knows where to find the destinations and short-cuts.

“Driver Bataa knew exactly how to drive a birder”  - Mikko Pyhälä, author of Birds of Islamabad: status and seasonality

Mr. B. Odkhuu

Odkhuu is one of our youngest and skillful drivers. He is also able to fix the cars in the field quickly. Since 2009, he has been driving for our tours and expeditions to every corner of Mongolia, so he knows the road very well. Without no GPS and road sign, he can find the destinations easily.

Odkhuu, our driver, was truly excellent, on difficult roads as well as in city traffic, and was always willing to help around camp and to see to our comfort.”

 -R. & B Mearns