GuideBooks and Publication

Mongolica Publishing helps to publish various guidebooks and monographs in collobration with MOS, Nature conservation NGOs and Individuals.

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Saker Falcons of Mongolia 2013


 A Guide to the Animals and Plants of Gun Galuutai 2013


A Guide to the  Amphibians and Reptiles of Mongolia 2013


 A Manual Guide To The Birds of Electrocuted and Collided in High Power Electric Lines in Mongolia 2012















 National Report on the convention on wetlands of international importance, especially as Waterfowl Habitat Ramsar Convention 2012


 Ornis Mongolica (The Journal of Ornithology) 2012


 Field Guide to Raptors of Asia, Vol. 1, Migratory Raptors of Oriental Asia 2012


 Mongolian Red List of Birds 2011















 Summary Conservation Action Plans for Mongolian Birds 2011


 Birds of Hustai National Park 2011


 Birds of Khurkh-Khuiten River Valley 2011


 Summary Conservation Action Plan For Mongolian Vertebrates 2011














 A photographic guide to the birds of Mongolia 2010


 A Field Guide To The Mammals of Mongolia 2010


A Dictionary Of Vertebrate Animals Of Mongolia 2009


Maral’s Adventures 2009