Travel Differently

Our products and services will encourage you to step off the same path you have taken every year. Our great trips will bring you face to face with the world’s most fascinating Nomadic cultures, customs and inspiring wildlife.

We Value Your Investment

Sustainable tourism does not have to be more beneficial to a company. It has to be beneficial to you and locals. This reason drives us to serve you by the most competitive priced tours with comparison of others.

Product Variety and Your Choice

Tour operators that deal with birding and wildlife watching and photographing in Mongolia, have not offered the largest variety and inspiring products and destinations in the world yet. However, it is your choice to take it as action.

Sustainable Tourism Aspects

We encourage local people/nomads and new generations of wildlife conservationists to continually intensify their actions in this field in terms of experience and expertise and take this action in the near future. New generations of sustainable tourism developers and conservationists are always “behind” our service and products.  Also we encourage all kinds of support to conservationists through sponsorship, donation and actions.

No Single Supplement

Our principle is that why single travellers should pay more money in order to get the same adventure travel and experience as group people do. We encourage single travelers to travel as a group.

Let Me Stay in “My Own House” Option

In Mongolia, we will accommodate tourists in Mongolian traditional ger camps. They will share their accommodation with our group members. Some people prefer to have their own ger, which is why we offer single travellers a “My Own House” option—a single ger all to yourself at a great Mongolica price.

Experienced Guides

Our guides are experienced, professional, enthusiastic, friendly and funny.

Ideal for everyone

We respect our guests and elderly people, since it is an important part of our Asian tradition. This is our advantage to give a good service to customers. We will deliver the perfect service to every client with as much help and individual attention as you need.

Detail Planned Itineraries

Given the Mongolian conditions, some things are unpredictable, including weather and transport. However, we carefully planned our itinerary based on these challenges. We will serve you with “good local food and great birding”.

Mongolian Specialties

We are the only team that knows the locations where a number of Mongolian specialties can be presented to our customers.


Your photography of birds, animals and scenery will be your choice. You are free to take photographs in the best light condition in the country.


We will supply all of our clients with the latest annotated checklists of birds, amphibians, reptiles, mammals, and fishes. We work together with conservationists in our country. 


Our customers will never use public transport unless in the case of emergency. But due to your request we can use Trans-Siberian Railway and Air planes for special tours. We will travel with 4WD vehicles, and also on horses, camels. We like to implement various solutions.

Flexibility and Independence

You will be free to travel independently.

Easy and Safe Payment Method

We signed the contract with the largest bank in Mongolia, Khan Bank, for getting the safety and secure service.