Public Transportations in Mongolia

About the Millennium Road Project
The Millennium Road Project which was started in 2000 is being implemented in Mongolia with a plan to construct paved roads of 7546 km long connecting Mongolia’s east to west horizontally (2653 km) and five parallel vertical axes from Russian Federation to China by 2016, and Ulaanbaatar will be connected to all aimag centers by paved roads. It is planned to build a total of 3097 km of road by 2012 in order to improve transport access of residents living in rural and suburb areas.
Currently totally 2597 km long paved road, 1961 km gravel road, and 1902 km of improved road have been built. The Mongolian Government, with an aim to plan road construction investment efficiently, is creating a legal framework that can attract investment from private sector to road construction on a re-imbursement basis.

A part of Millennium Road crossing Mongolian steppe

Hunnu Air and Aero Mongolia are the Mongolian domestic airlines which operate scheduled and chartered domestic flights. Major domestic flight destinations include Dalanzadgad in Umnugobi, Khovd town in the western Altai region, and Choilbalsan town in Dornod aimag. It should be noted that the luggage limit per person on local flights is 10kg per person. For every kg over 10kg the airlines have a fee of USD 1 per kg to the Gobi and Central Provinces and USD 2 to the west. For more information about domestic flights, please visit and For international flights, please visit

Domestic flight destinations in Mongolia


Now, it is going easier and easier to book train tickets. The opportunity to book Trans - Mongolian, Trans - Siberian and Trans - Manchurian train tickets by full online system based on official, updated timetable and price. For more information, please visit and
Mongolian Railway network which includes the Trans-Asian railway and connects Mongolia’s three biggest cities is the most reliable alternative transport with 1810 km in length and it is going to expand its length by building new railway lines to major mine sites in Gobi region, which is planned to be financed mostly by private sectors. This will enable residents of Gobi aimags to travel all year round and give open access to Ulaanbaatar and border cities. Depending on season and weather, there are more than 12 domestic and 7 international air destinations in Mongolia.

Trans-Mongolian Railway crosses Mongolia through Ulaanbaatar city to the China

Intercity Bus Transportation

During 2006-2007, GoM financed the activities to build the Transportation Service Center under the Ministry of Road and Transportation, and other local transportation centers and purchased buses for inter-city transportation. As a result of this investment auto road is ensured to be the most accessible transportation mean to connect population spread around wide steppe to the market. In order to know schedule of the public buses within Mongolia, please visit and (Mongolian).

Buses for inter-city transportation