Transportation of Mongolica

You should treat yourself as a very lucky man because you’ve chosen the best company to travel with in Mongolia. It is very important to find the destinations, going through the vastness of the steppe and continuous hills with no road sign, and to drive safely on the bumpy road. But with our experienced drivers and tour guides, you can be relaxed about your safety.

The vehicles we used for ride are Russian and Japanese inspired cars in Mongolian road condition. Since our costumers’ interests and hobbies are bird watching and wildlife watching, it is almost impossible to use public transportations for us except airplanes because we have a long way to go for target species. So we often recommend to our costumers the private transportations which will be Mongolica’s. Due to road conditions, destinations, group sizes and safety, and more importantly costumers’ requests, we will offer suitable vehicles to our clients.

Cars will be Mitsubishi Delica nomadic tour type, Toyota Land Cruiser for luxury tours, Russian Military Van and Russian Jeep for king birdwatchers. Car Tire flat happens in the field particularly on dust road condition. We also offer Mongolian horses and camels to clients on occasion of difficulties of the road or sometimes clients’ requests to get target species. Below-mentioned are the vehicles we often use for transportations and also the possible transports can be used.


Russian Military Van and Russian Jeep

This engine is not used only by Mongolica, but also so many tour companies’ choice is this military van. It has also been used for transportation by Mongolian nomads. They have tested these vehicles for about 20 years in the mountain ranges and Gobi deserts with good mark.

In recent years, there so many strong and good vehicles are being produced in the world and imported into Mongolia. In the Mongolian condition, they are easily broken or damaged, apart from that it is really hard to find the damaged part and hard to fix in the field. The good thing about this car is that it can be fixed easily in the field.

Russian military van has 7 passenger seats. If you are a photographer, it will be easier for you to get closer to the birds on this car not having get off.In this photo, you can see us travelling through semi-deserts raising dust.

Russian Jeep. There are 3 passenger seats in this car. More faster than the van.

Mitsubishi Delica and Toyota Land Cruiser

These automobiles, both land cruiser and   delica space gear, will be used in the luxury and nomadic tour type for their comfort in them. These Japanese brands, which are very popular in the world, are being tested on Mongolian road conditions. So Mongolica avoids using it for long destinations, but the costumer’s requests are under consideration.

Mitsubishi Delica, which is also named Mitsubishi Space Gear, has 5 passenger seats and 2800CC diesel engine, 4WD, and automatic gear box. This version of Delica received considerably more aerodynamic bodywork.

Toyota Land Cruiser 80 Van GX ( HZJ81V Japan spec ), with swing-out back-doors.

4.2 L 16 1HD diesel turbo; 5-speed manual

Nomadic Transportation

Birding and Wildlifing on Mongolian Horse and Camel

After a long trip on auto mobiles, you can have a break and go birding and wildlife watching on Mongolian Horses. Mongol horses, which are known as of a stocky build, with relatively short but strong legs and a large head, has been used for transportation by nomads in this country since Chinggis Khaan had conquered the world on this breed of horse. 

On horses you can get closer to the wildlife without disturbing them. It is believed that wildlife gets accustomed to the herder’s on horse back and knows the herders do not cause damages to them. Due to the notions by shamanism or tengerism, Mongolians have abhorred to bring harms to wildlife and nature since the ancient times.