Who are you?

In summer of 2005, we launched Mongolica Co.Ltd with the belief to develop the authentic products and services of birding and wildlife watching adventures and consultancy in a responsible and sustainable manner. Our efforts in sustainability as an organization reflect our commitment to the idea that our children and grandchildren will have a wonderful natural environment to explore throughout their lives. Our team is one of the efficient and experienced experts in our field. See also about us.

What do you offer that other bird tour companies don't?

We deal with birding and wildlife watching and photographing in Mongolia. We will offer you the largest variety and inspiring products and destinations in the world. We are the only team that knows the place and number of many species in Mongolia to show our clients. We will supply all of our clients with the latest annotated checklists of birds, amphibians, reptiles, mammals, and fishes. We will give you the freedom to travel independently. See also Why Mongolica.

Why are you comparatively cheap?

This is of course, of our unique experience to travel in Mongolia. We know all the shortest and the safest way to the destinations where many birds and wildlife species can be found; we will provide you with comfortable hotels and ger camps.

Do your tours include international airfare?

We will be happy to help you arrange your flights, but it is not possible to include international airfare in tours prices.

What can you say about the money transferring?

Online payment will be your choice. Otherwise, please use bank transfer to the company. We work with the best bank in Mongilia, Khan Bank, having a contract agreement. So you can transfer your money to our bank account.

How many people can join in a tour?

In order to give you a comfort and more chance to watch around, we keep the group size as low as possible. Depending on the destinations, our average group size is between 3 and 13 persons.

Who are my travelling companions?

Nobody knows who will be your travelling companions, but most of our clients are friendly English speaking people with a desire to experience Mongolia. They often come from Europe, America and sometimes Asian countries like Korea and Japan.

What are the age restrictions on your tours?

If you want to travel independently, you must be older than 18 years old. We are also happy to receive families with children who are at least 4 years old.

I'm a single traveler, so will I be charged a single supplement?

No. Our principle is that why single travelers should pay more money in order to get the same adventure travel and experience as group people do. We encourage single travelers to travel as a group.

Can you provide me with a list of the hotels we will be staying at?

Yes, we always have a list of the hotels we will be staying at. Some of the hotels and ger camps are our good partners.

What type of ground transportation is used on your tours?

Mostly we use 4WD vehicles which are perfect in the countryside road conditions. Depending on your request, we can travel with Mongolian horses, camels and sometimes buses and trains. We are all about varieties.

What is the most appropriate type of luggage to bring?

It is always good to have a rucksack and a suitcase, taking account of the transportation. Try to be fit in nomadic lifestyle. We always move from a place to another for new specialties.

So you need as light and portable as possible stuffs on the trip.

Is tipping included and if not, how much should I budget?

Tipping is not a local custom in Mongolia. As tourism is growing in the countryside, locals who work in the tourism industry are getting used to the notion of tipping and sometimes even expecting a tip from clients. We suggest that you do tip in moderation and give with a spirit of gratitude.

Why should I choose Mongolia?

Mongolia has a large variety of landscapes and ecosystems except for tropical forests, which include 487 species of birds, 128 species of mammals, 21 species of reptiles and 64 species of fishes and more than 3500 species of plants. Mongolia is a landlocked country in East and Central Asia where geographical, biological features are unique in the world. If you want to experience our country from the Siberian taiga through mountain steppe and Central Asian Steppe to the Gobi Desert with its unique biological and geographical structures, come to Mongolia and try it with us in low financial and temporal expenditures.

How safe is to travel Mongolia?

It is thought that Mongolia is one of the safest destinations in the world. There are no threats to tourists in Mongolia, except pocket thieves in the street or public places like market and airport in Ulaanbaatar. We don't have natural disasters like typhoons and hurricanes etc. Among natural disasters, we hardly ever have earthquakes but it is not strong enough to be serious.

When is the best time to travel to Mongolia?

For birdwatchers and wildlife enthusiasts, it is good come to Mongolia from May to September in case of seeing enough number of species. But in winter time, there are so many special wintering visitors coming to the country. You should consider climate in which it reaches +15 to +30 in the summer and in the winter it varies from -15 to -30 in Mongolia.

How to get Mongolia?

There are two different ways to get to Mongolia. You can take either train or plane. There are direct flights between Ulaanbaatar and Seoul, Moscow, Beijing, Tokyo, Berlin etc. Trans-Siberian railway is going through Mongolia from Russia to China.

Do I need a visa for my trip in Mongolia?

Some visitors don't need a visa in Mongolia within 30 days. You can take more information from

Can I make my own trip itinerary?

In case you have enough experience travelling into Mongolia and you have enough knowledge on Mongolian wildlife.

How is the food in Mongolia?

The main food is meat for Mongolians due to climate conditions and geographical position. Our cook will serve you with large variety meals. In ingredients, there are mostly potatoes, carrots, cabbages, meat and other vegetables. You can suggest your favorite products to us.

If you are a vegetarian or on a diet, let us know directly before arrival in Mongolia. Our cook will manage it for your health and food regime.

How is the electricity and sockets of Mongolia?

In hotels and ger camps, you can charge your camera batteries and such. Electricity power is 220V, 50Hz in Ulaanbaatar. We do have inventers which is a machine that can convert 12V power into 220V or 110V. So this method can save at least 4 people from lack of electricity.

Why should I choose Mongolica?

Because we do have experience in running a tour company in Mongolia travelling through vast steppes, high Mountains and dense forests for pursuing of birds and wildlife. We are confident in let you travel with satisfaction through Mongolia.