R.&B Mearns

"Our team was excellent and looked after us well each day. They chose all our camp sites and lunch stops carefully, all of them being in excellent places in terms of scenic quality and abundance of wildlife. We thoroughly enjoyed all the different habitats we were in and had a fantastic time."

Richard & Barbara Mearns in Mongolia, June, 2013.
Yumi, our camp manager, proved to be a terrific cook and produced wonders from the back of the vehicle. One of us has a restrictive diet and she followed it carefully, indeed we were both fit and well throughout the trip. Bayanaa, our English speaking guide, was enthusiastic and energetic on our behalf and helped us to find almost all the birds we especially hoped to see, as well as some unexpected ones. Otto, our driver, was truly excellent, on difficult roads as well as in city traffic, and was always willing to help around camp and to see to our comfort. They were good at keeping to time, more so than was really necessary, so we always knew how much time we had for walks, how long until lunch etc. We cannot praise them highly enough.