Hadoram Shirihai

Well, I cannot describe the success of this expedition in just few words, perhaps as it titled above: The ultimate expedition across the Mongolian steppes. In comparison with any published trip reports during similar season of the year, late spring-summer in Mongolia, we succeed in locating the largest number of species and subspecies. We recorded no less than 260 species, and photographed over 230 of them!

Hadoram Shirihai in Mongolia. (June, 2013)

Working with Gomboo (the Mongolian Ornithological Society and Mongolica Co.Ltd in Mongolia) as one of the best, and I can described Gomboo as isolated case in all Asia, in term of field ornithologist, and indeed, I could not even a dream to find as such best co-operator and field partner. Which was the vital in the successes of the expedition.

There was also much fun and funny times, but only some recorded. unofficially ... Gomboo have shown me some the most power natural yogurt that natives gave us on the way, but which even Gomboo could not eat, and me in return showed to 'milk' strong powerful Turkish Coffee in the wild steppes...

I also got in love with Mongolian nature, birds, and the proud but most pleasant peaceful people and nation in the world. I can end here in thanking to the Expedition team.